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WikiLeaks Founder Reveals 50,000% Bitcoin Returns

Julian Assange, founder of the controversial WikiLeaks organization, has been trapped in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy since 2012. But his financial troubles began two years prior.

That’s when Senators McCain and Lieberman pushed Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and others to form a so-called “banking blockade” against WikiLeaks. This led to WikiLeaks going from nearly $1 million in donations in December 2010 to almost $0 by January 2011.

But according to Assange, this was the best thing that could’ve happened to them.

Though the exact date of WikiLeaks’ initial bitcoin investment is unclear, experts estimate that rise of this cryptocurrency has led them to returns in the neighborhood of $472 million. And though these numbers are certainly impressive, they could only be the beginning.

As we said, bitcoin has seen an unprecedented rise in recent months. But if you ask leading cryptocurrency experts like Teeka Tiwari, 2018 is set to be the biggest year yet for bitcoin investors. Especially when you consider some of his recent picks have yielded 14,354% returns in as little as six months.

Now, Teeka says bitcoin investors are done with their “appetizers.” Indeed, 2018 will be the “main course” when it comes to cryptocurrency for those savvy enough to capitalize on the opportunity. And if you’ve been sheepish on bitcoin, he has an offer you can’t afford to miss…

Starting on October 26th, Teeka will be holding an industry-first 7-day training event. If you’re serious about taking advantage of the bitcoin boom, or want to see just how lucrative cryptocurrency investing can be, then this is something you need to see.

I urge you to get all the details on this once-in-a-lifetime event, including how you can claim a portion of Teeka’s unprecedented $1 million bitcoin giveaway.

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