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Why Won’t the Media Talk About Trump’s Failed Assassination?

Why aren’t more outlets talking about the failed attempt on Donald Trump’s life? It’s a question our friends at Hot Air, and U.S. citizens with even a shred of common sense, want answered:

A man named Michael Steven Sandford had been planning to assassinate Trump for more than a year, and while it wasn’t the most brilliant of plans one might imagine (thankfully), he did obtain some weapons training before attempting to seize the service weapon of a local law enforcement officer to shoot Mr. Trump.

One might imagine that this was big news, but even the most rudimentary details of the attempt were missing from the few news hits which bothered to cover it. As John accurately included in his report, the press was telling us that he was, “a UK citizen who has been in the United States for about 18 months. He lived in Hoboken, NJ and then drove cross country to southern California. He drove from there to Las Vegas last Thursday with the intention of killing Trump.”

For most of the outlets covering it, that was about it. Politico last night wasn’t offering much more. In fact, you had to go through a number of sources before you finally learned, among other things, that he was in the country illegally.

Can you imagine the coverage we’d be seeing if someone had attempted to shoot Hillary Clinton? The same could be said if it had happened with Barack Obama in the summer of 2008.

Questions would be debated on air for weeks on end about the evil lurking in the hearts of men and why someone would be so desperate to prevent the election of the first black or female president. But when someone plots for more than a year to kill Trump, travels across the country to find an opportunity, and then launches his attempt… It creates barely a ripple in the media pond.

And what of the fact that Sandford is an illegal alien? When other illegals commit (or seriously attempt) high profile crimes, it at least creates something of a stir and renews the discussion about border control and immigration policy. Why is Sandford so uninteresting? Is it because he’s white and from England rather than coming across our southern border from Mexico or Central America? His presence in the country is just as illegal as any drug cartel member here on a mission from El Chapo.

Or is it simply the fact that most of the political media assumes that people wanting to kill Trump fits so well into their own world view that this is just a dog bites man story?

So what do you think? Is the story genuinely uninteresting and not worth addressing? Or is it that the media doesn’t want to give Trump a shred of sympathy and risk humanizing him? Leave a comment and let us know.

Source: Hot Air

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12 replies on “Why Won’t the Media Talk About Trump’s Failed Assassination?”

It’s typical of our lame stream media! They don’t want people to feel ‘sorry’ for Trump, & increase his approval ratings. If America doesn’t do something, & soon, about the media being in cahoots with the Obama admin, we’re going down as a free country.

right on. go back a ways and this would have been hot for weeks. the media is workin hard to defeat Donald. honesty, they do not have.

I am fairly content not to have this attempt “broadcast” over what is
Clearly a Trump hostile media. Even Fox as they bow to the Republican
establishment is busy with bending the news against him.

There are enough liberal and socialist nuts out there without encouraging copycats.
Why doesn’t the media run stories on the violence at Trump campaign gatherings … Clearly this is the strategy of a socialist takeover of America…a clear pattern of the way socialism starts in every country where it gained a foothold…with social “revolution “. Sound familiar to one of the ( former) Democrat candidates?

What doe

All it takes to stop this madness is a Vote For Trump. Vote for TRUMP and lets take our country back from this Socialist Libtard Agenda. This is serious folks…Don’t let it happen on your watch…VOTE TRUMP !!!

The media are all giant assholes and I won’t eve read a newspaper they are as bad as most of the politicians, all thieves

Not so much that it’s Trump, but that it doesn’t hit any Dem points:
1) It doesn’t involve a shooter acquiring a gun before attempting to commit the crime. (no excuse to trumpet anti-gun stance)
2) It wouldn’t be affected by building a wall or fast-tracking legal immigration policies. (no excuse to push immigration reform)
3) The would-be assassin got caught before he managed to do anything significant or provoke the cops into doing something noteworthy. (no excuse to dump on the police)

They want to say we don’t care about Trump. He is not important. You can bet your sweet a&&I that if it was one of them; we would still be hearing about it. So sad for corrupt Hillary.

If it was corrupt Hillary ; I bet we would still be hearing about. How sad for you corrupt Hillary. Trump has got you beat. We don’t want a crook in the whitehouse or your serial rapist husband.

Not only is our government corrupt but the media is just as corrupt for not publishing this. What happened to impartial reporting. This tells me that the liberal media is not impartial and we can’t trust anything they say. That said, it appears that the conservative reports are right on when it comes to fair and impartial reporting.

Media is not talking, or writing because Donald Trump represents the Republican or right wing extremists. Now if it was the attempted asassination of President Obama, it’d be on the front of every media outlet for the next two weeks. The ‘fix’ is in and will be for the duration; maybe that will change when Donald Trump ascends to the Throne; as if we elected Royals, not Presidents.

Today we have selective news reporting. There was a time when the news media was neutral. Not today, twist the facts and make up a story. No one in the news media is held responsible.

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