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[VIDEO] Protesters Throw Explosives at Police Officers

Police detained some 102 people while 21 cops were injured at a violent rally that saw Interstate 94 blocked in in Saint Paul, Minnesota, amid nationwide protests following the deadly shooting of policemen in Dallas last week over recent police killings of black men.

On Saturday night, hundreds of people protesting the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, shot dead by police officers earlier in the week, gathered at St. Paul Governor’s residence and marched to Interstate 94, shutting it down for at least five hours.

Police said on Twitter that people on the Interstate were “throwing rocks, bottles, fireworks and bricks.” At least two policemen were hit in the head with chunks of concrete. St. Paul police also said protesters threw Molotov cocktails. Officers had to use inert smoke several times in order to get the demonstrators leave the freeway.

Law enforcement made 52 more arrests in a second riot on the city’s Grand Avenue, “for public nuisance and unlawful assembly.” Those people, however, were booked and then released.

Protests in St. Paul follow nationwide rallies that have engulfed the States, with 100 more arrests made nationwide on Friday.

The largest number of arrests was made that night in Rochester, New York, where protesters blocked downtown streets.

Activists are demanding that the officers, who killed the two black men last week, face murder charges. Law enforcement across the nation had to increase their vigilance following the deadly shooting of five policemen in Thursday night’s ambush at a similar Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas.

Source: RT USA

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4 replies on “[VIDEO] Protesters Throw Explosives at Police Officers”

I’m to the point of saying arrest all the bastards and throw their arses in jail –until they tell you who threw the explosives and such at the cops. It is time to teach these suckers that they have to obey the law or they get punished—-jail time and a fine.!!!

This is all part of the communist plot – stir up the dumb-(m)asses against each other, how pathetic! Let us stop calling all of these BLM riots as being protests; their is a huge difference between the two! They are rioting and should be dealt with as rioters as they did back in a day – that will stop their evil asses!

What makes these goofs think they’re above the law?

The gun-toting criminals in Minnesota and Louisiana broke the law. Thank God the officers who were summoned to the disturbances these menaces caused were not harmed.

I say MACE ALL THESE IDIOTS out there UN-peacefully “protesting.” black lives matter = TERRORISTS.

These morons chanting “Hands up don’t shoot” apparently have their heads so far up their asses that they don’t realize THOSE WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN IN FERGUSON BY CRIMINAL MICHAEL BROWN. He was too busy trying to wrestle the gun off of officer Darrin Wilson to put his hands up. The US Dept of Justice has proven this fact. Open your eyes, liberal freaks!

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