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Trump: Media is “Disgusting and Corrupt”

Donald Trump’s campaign on Sunday went on a new tear against the media, blaming the “disgusting” press for a week of distractions at a time when Republicans have urged him – again – to focus on Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump will get another chance to reset his campaign on Monday when he is expected to lay out his plan for defeating what running mate Mike Pence on Sunday called, “radical Islamic terrorism” with “real specifics” on how to make the United States safer.

But Trump set up that address with extensive new complaints about the latest disastrous week of coverage and reports of campaign chaos. Not to blame, Trump suggested, were his own remarks that gun rights supporters could “do something” if Hillary Clinton becomes president and appoints liberal judges, or his repeated insistence on the falsehood that President Barack “Obama founded ISIS.”

“If the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn’t put false meaning into the words I say, I would be beating Hillary by 20 percent,” he tweeted before noon. That tweet was followed by: “My rallies are not covered properly by the media. They never discuss the real message and never show crowd size or enthusiasm.”

It was the latest in a series of implicit acknowledgements by the Republican presidential nominee that he is not winning and in fact could be headed for a big loss to Clinton on Election Day in less than three months. Signs were popping up across the political landscape that Trump’s year-plus flirtation with presidential politics was in danger of not advancing much further.

Gaffe-by-gaffe, additional Republicans have come forward to say they’re not supporting his bid, with Carlos Gutierrez, secretary of commerce under President George W. Bush, announcing his support for Clinton on Sunday. Meanwhile, GOP leaders in Washington and in the most competitive states have begun openly contemplating turning their backs on their party’s presidential nominee and putting their money and effort instead behind the party’s House and Senate candidates.

Frustratingly for Republicans, Trump’s missteps have overshadowed difficult news for Clinton: The new release of 44 previously-unreleased email exchanges Clinton had while at the State Department. They became public on Tuesday and showed her interacting with lobbyists, political and Clinton Foundation donors and business interests while serving as secretary of state.

The New York Times on Sunday catalogued a culture of crisis inside the Trump campaign.

That set off Trump on a Twitter rant Sunday morning. He called the report “fiction” and reiterated that he is not about to change what he sees as a winning campaign formula. “I am who I am,” he tweeted.

Given that, Trump’s allies set out Sunday to bat down bad publicity and warn people not to write Trump off.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., warned that the “campaign is not over” and described Trump as still being in transition from the bulldog who beat 16 rivals in the GOP primary to a general election candidate who communicates differently to a wider electorate what he wants to do differently than Clinton.

“He’s got to wrestle in his own heart, how does he communicate who he is, what he believes, the change he thinks he can bring to America, why what he’s doing is fulfilling the desires of the American people,” Sessions said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort criticized the news media for not focusing on what otherwise would have been a substantive week of dueling economic speeches from Trump and Clinton. He said Trump is continuing to raise millions of dollars while traveling to key battleground states – Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida – and remains personally “very connected” to the operations of his campaign.

“You could have covered what he was saying, or you could try and take an aside and take the Clinton narrative and play it out. And you chose to do that instead,” Manafort said on CNN.

Pence said on “Fox News Sunday” that he remains proud to be Trump’s running mate and advised: “Stay tuned, it’s very early in this campaign. This coming Monday, you’re going to see a vision for confronting radical Islamic terrorism.”

Source: AP

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9 replies on “Trump: Media is “Disgusting and Corrupt””

We have noticed for a long time that the top news television stations always picked at every little thing that Donald Trump mentioned, while Hillary’s big scandals were skipped over and rarely brought up. Where is the fair and balanced news that has always been the pride and joy of Broadcasters of the past?

You are absolutely right. Remember how happy Killary was when the FBI said she was “careless” but no charges
will be filed? More cover. From the administration, you think?

I find it disturbing, but predictable that her praetorian guard media in the bag for Hillary is criticizing how Trump says his message instead of what his message means or for that matter criticizing Hillary’s deeds. On her best day Hillary is an incompetent, arrogant, megalomaniacal, misleading, selfish person who is inherently hostile to anyone who disagrees with her. On her other days she is just a hypocritical, non-convicted, pathologically lying felon responsible for the murders of our ambassador and service men in the Benghazi debacle who would say or do anything to increase her wealth and power at the expense of anyone who gets in her way.

While I agree with his sentiments re: the news media, I also feel quite strongly that if he chose his words more carefully he would be a lot less likely to be mis-interpreted. He has shown a real knack for turning away many voters.

That’s great, also could you lay out a immigration strategy, such as,
1. Build the wall.
2. Enforce E verify by creating a unit within ICE (using vacancies within DEPT of Home land security) to audit payrolls of known employers. Fine abusers, rescind business licenses for repeat offenders.
3. Initiate a guest worker program (put the coyotes/human traffickers out of business), current illegals with a job sponsor can apply through Mexican embassy, leave the states and come back legally after completing background check, come out of the shadows, pay taxes.
4. End funding for sanctuary cities, deport illegal felons.

I admire Mr. Trump’s patriotism, bravery, and loyalty to the United States and her citizens. Thank you and may God bless you and keep you safe.

There is no chance Trump will lose. The polls are all rigged to get Trump supports to give up. Don’t even think about giving up, just show up on Nov 8th and vote.

The liars in the corporate media are now and always have been supporters of the democrats and opposed to the conservative republicans. The corporate media have always lied and they use all of the major TV and radio stations to repeat their never ending public opinion creation to convert their audience into believing that which has always been considered evil is good and all that has been considered to be good is evil. They promote socialism, communism, the destruction of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and the end of our republic. They have created an anti Christian mind set in our country and sympathized with the muslims and they are largely responsible for black people believing that all white folks and cops are evil. They are agitators and support the appointed president in his divide and conquer agenda.
Donald Trump is not a politician who can be controlled by the one political party in Washington, the liberal party, he isn’t beholden to any of his contributors, he isn’t a phony and says what he believes, and the democrats, the RINOs, and the oligarchy which control our country can’t tell him what to do. Therefore they are afraid of him and want to destroy his chances of becoming the next president.
hillary Benghazi clinton belongs to the CFR, trilateral commission, the illuminati, and the Bilderberg group and they along with the one world shadow masters will do all they can to assure that she becomes our next president.
The corporate press is controlled by the one world satanic government and are truly the voice of Novus ordo seclorum. Check the back of your fiat dollar bill under the pyramid for these words.

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