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How Jeff Sessions’ Crackdown is Leading to a Weed Investing Revolution

In just four years, it’s gone from stigma to the fastest growing industry on earth.

The best stocks in the new green market have averaged rare peak gains of 24,000%.

The once controversial industry is projected to create more jobs than manufacturing by 2020.

And on Jan. 1st when California went legal, the market virtually doubled overnight.

And then Attorney General Jeff Sessions opened his mouth…

Declaring a crackdown on the fastest growing industry on earth.

Many investors got spooked.

Yet… the market continues its record-setting pace… and is still on track to create more jobs than manufacturing by 2020.

Jeff Sessions’ attack is backfiring.

Even the Washington Post has reported Sessions’ crackdown is going to make legalization more likely.

When Colorado and Washington first went legal you could have turned a tiny grub stake of $200 into $1.8 million…

Smart investors are using Sessions’ antics as an opportunity to get in on the ground-floor of the big green bull market of 2018.

This short presentation shows why 2018 will be the biggest green bull market of our generation. It’s free for viewers to watch.

Why 2018 Could Be the Biggest Year Ever for Pot Stocks

The last 18 months have been a boon for pot investors, as tiny companies have seen their stocks explode, gaining a rare 3,986%, 17,300%, 69,900%… even 299,000% and 399,000%…

In the process, it has given everyday Americans the unusual chance to take a small amount of money and turn it into millions.

And if you’ve missed out, don’t worry.

Because the 2018 pot boom is expected to be 7 times bigger than anything we’ve seen so far.

In fact, the biggest event in the history of pot profits could take place in a matter of weeks, as Canada officially legalizes recreational marijuana.

When it does, it will unleash $22 billion in wealth virtually overnight.

Turning hundreds of everyday folks into Pot Millionaires.

Already The Chicago Tribune says legal pot is “the fastest-growing industry in the world.”

And Forbes is calling it “the best ground floor opportunity we’ve seen since the early days of the Internet.”

But best of all for investors, are the 3 Canadian pot stocks sitting at the center of this “legalization event.

You may not recognize the names yet, but they all trade on American stock exchanges and are as easy to buy as Amazon or Apple.

So if you missed out on the legalization “Gold Rush” from Colorado, Washington, and Nevada, this is a brand-new chance to take a small stake and turn it into a fortune.

Indeed, Canada’s Senate could complete its marijuana legalization in just a matter of weeks.

You can get a full breakdown on the new law, which stocks to buy, and how to position yourself for maximum gains by clicking here.