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Scientists Want to Grow Human Organs in Pigs

Scientists Want to Grow Human Organs in Pigs

Scientists have grown human cells inside pig embryos, a very early step toward the goal of growing livers and other human organs in animals to transplant into people. The cells made up just a tiny part of each embryo, and...

/ January 27, 2017

Dogs Understand Us, Study Suggests

Scientists have found evidence to support what many dog owners have long believed: man’s best friend really does understand some of what we’re saying. Researchers in Hungary scanned the brains of dogs as they were listening to their trainer speaking...

/ September 6, 2016

FDA Approves Device That Removes 30% of Food from Stomach

A new weight loss device offers a novel approach to cutting calories: draining them from the stomach before they are digested. The AspireAssist system consists of a thin tube implanted in the stomach, connecting to an outside port on the...

/ June 15, 2016

Curiosity Report on Mars Atmosphere

The seasonal local atmosphere in Mars is perfect in winter, sandier in spring and summer, and windy in autumn, show research by Nasa’s Curiosity nomad that has completed footage environmental outlines through two full cycles of Martian seasons. Curiosity this...

/ May 16, 2016

[BREAKING] Is This What’s REALLY Causing Alzheimer’s?

Scientists are peeking inside living brains to watch for the first time as a toxic duo of plaques and tangles interact to drive Alzheimer’s disease – and those tangles may predict early symptoms, a finding with implications for better treatments....

/ May 15, 2016