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Leroy Garret Training for the next competition in MTV’s ‘The Challenge’

Sunday_Leroy_GarrettHe’s been working so hard and this time, he’s got it all figured out. It is all about, Leroy Garret who is also a self-made Television superstar; thanks to ‘The challenge’. He is in for anything that will make him win the next challenge and according to reliable sources, he isn’t backing out. For five years now, Garret has done nothing less than traveling around the globe competing for the top. He is one of the contestants in the ‘’The Challenge’’ which is a Reality Show on MTV where participants compete against each other to win a prize money.

Garret, who is now 31 years old, has chosen to stick to a workout plan that will help him overcome some of the tough missions in the competition such as mountain climbing in Argentina, navigating a beach in Thailand or Kayaking in a river located in Norway. These are just a few, not to mention the long-running reality game show on MTV.

‘’No one really understands how hard we have to exercise to compete successfully in the challenges’’, Said Garret. He continues, ‘’It was like a call made from ‘the challenge’ to me, so, I have no better option than vigorously engaging in a workout. There is a great chance that another challenge may have to wait until December, but it is vital that you keep on training’’.

Having brought up in Detroit, Leroy Garret, starred in the ‘’the real World’’ Season 25 in late 2010 at Hard Rock Hotel. ‘’The real world’’ is more like a feeder program to ‘The Challenge,’ that features approximately 25 players who have to endure both the physical and mental challenges to get a win. There are weekly eliminations until the number of required finalists are reached.

The final competition can take up to two days with some rest in between. The winner is supposed to get a total of approximately $350,000. At the end of the season, only a few of the previous contestants are brought back, and Garret is one of them. It is a trend that the show features more cast than the ones that keep coming for other seasons.

For Garret, it is like home. He keeps coming back for more; something even he doesn’t understand. He even went on and asked MTV, why they keep bringing him back to the show, but the response he gets whenever he asks the question is, ‘’You are the only one who can answer that’’. He admits that he had several relationships with the female contestants, but confirms that it isn’t one of the reasons, they keep bringing him back.

The host for ‘’The Challenge’’, who is also a BMX legend believes that Garret is liked by the audience for his attitude that is, competitive and a fascinating personality. Here is what Lavin said.

‘’Garret is one of my favourites. He has some heart and cares more about other people.’’

One of the thing that made Garret come back to Las Vegas where he has lived for four years is their strong friendship with Lavin. It has been made clear that he is not stopping any time sooner. With more than enough fans, friends and hope to make it big, the 31 year, born in Detroit has more than enough to achieve.

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