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Las Vegas Police after a Robber who hit a Pregnant Women on the Stomach

Armed+robbery+MGN1Crime isn’t a new thing in Las Vegas. In fact, it has become a trend. But this time, it was nothing like before. A woman ‘actually’ got hit in the stomach by a robber. It is quite clear that the robber was in need for some money, but hitting a woman in the stomach was just too much.

According to reliable sources and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, it all took place near Carey Avenue at around 9 a.m. Here is what one of the law-enforcement officers who was carrying out the investigation on what unfolded said.

‘’The man who was holding a black semiautomatic handgun, lead the woman into the back room where the accountant was. He then taped both the hands of the pregnant woman together with the accountant before he proceeded with taking all the cash that was in the register’’.

According to the police, the robber hit the pregnant woman’s stomach. Luckily for her, the hit didn’t result in any severe damage. All this was confirmed later when the woman was taken to Sunrise Hospital.

It is still not clear why the robber did that. As if the pregnant woman could fight back, he tapped her hand and the worst part, hit her in the stomach. Even if the woman tried to resist, that is still one of the worst things any man can do to a woman. On the other hand, the accountant was left unharmed. One intriguing question is, why the pregnant woman and not the accountant? Was he planning to kill her? Still unclear.

After some thorough investigation, the police found out that the man was in his 30’s, Hispanic, 5’8’’ tall and lastly, approximately 170 pounds. According to some few witnesses, he came in wearing sunglasses, a dark jacket, a grey hoodie and a black cap.

It isn’t still clear the direction he came from, whether he was driving a car or not or if he was accompanied by others. He just took the money and disappeared. The path he took is still not clear. By the time, the metropolitan police were contacted, everything had happened, and the robber had already disappeared.

It is shocking that the violent and heavily armed robber is still on the loose, but a thorough investigation is still going on to find out anything that might lead to his capture. Stay tuned to 13 Action News for more updates on the story.

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