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Is Amazon About to Accept Cryptocurrency?

amazon cryptocurrencyIs Amazon about to step into the cryptocurrency space?

That’s the question on the minds of elite financial analysts from Wall Street to Shanghai. On Tuesday, the world’s largest retailer quietly registered three new cryptocurrency-based web domains:,, and

The company has also owned the domain since 2013, though it simply redirects users to the Amazon homepage. But that’s not the case with the new domains… As of now, they don’t go anywhere.

This could mean a couple of things.

First, they could be buying these domains simply to prevent others from beating them to it and holding them ransom. But this is unlikely. Amazon is now worth more than Walmart, Target, and Costco combined. They could certainly afford to pay a couple million to buy the domain from someone who got to it first.

The second – and more likely – scenario is that they’re planning something big.

Amazon does not currently accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. And as he recently told CNBC, Amazon vice president Patrick Gauthier says they have no immediate plans to do so.

The circumstances surrounding this move are mysterious to say the least… But as some industry insiders suggest, they’re likely only the first in a series of crypto-friendly steps the retail giant will take in coming months.

That’s because top financial experts, like Doug Casey, now predict Washington is on the verge of passing a currency law that could reshape the American dollar. In fact, according to Casey, this new law would not only give the government an unprecedented ability to track and control our money…

It could destroy the U.S. dollar in the process.

Doug Casey recently revealed the shocking details in a tell-all interview. If you currently earn, spend, or save money in U.S. dollars, you need to check this out because you will be affected.

You can see this short interview in its entirety HERE.


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