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US Abortions at new low

U.S. Abortions Hit Lowest Level Since 1974

Even as the election outcome intensifies America’s abortion debate, a comprehensive new survey finds the annual number of abortions in the U.S has dropped to well under 1 million, the lowest level since 1974. The report, which counted 926,200 abortions...

/ January 19, 2017

CVS Now Sells a Generic EpiPen for a Fraction of the Price

CVS is now selling a rival, generic version of Mylan’s EpiPen at about a sixth of its price, just months after the maker of the life-saving allergy treatment was eviscerated before Congress because of its soaring cost to consumers. The...

/ January 18, 2017
Any Exercise Cuts Death Risk

Study: Any Exercise Cuts Death Risk

Weekend warriors, take a victory lap. People who pack their workouts into one or two sessions a week lower their risk of dying over roughly the next decade nearly as much as people who exercise more often, new research suggests....

/ January 12, 2017
NEw Organ Found

Scientists Discover New Organ in Human Body

A mighty membrane that twists and turns through the gut is starting the new year with a new classification: the structure, called the mesentery, has been upgraded to an organ. Scientists have known about the structure, which connects a person’s...

/ January 8, 2017

Is Your Doctor a Secret Sex Criminal?

Doctors who engage in sexual misconduct with patients are routinely treated as having “impairment” issues and may not be reported to law enforcement, according to new findings in an investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In the latest installment in its...

/ August 26, 2016

[VIDEO] Teen Battling Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart

Eighteen-year-old Swift Myers has been battling cancer since the seventh grade and is now fighting for his life. On Friday, the high schooler married his girlfriend of two years in a ceremony that was live streamed on Facebook. Myers has...

/ August 7, 2016

Zika Is Here. Now What?

The mosquitoes spreading Zika in Miami are proving harder to eradicate than expected, the nation’s top disease-fighter said Tuesday as authorities sprayed clouds of insecticide in the ground-zero neighborhood, emptied kiddie pools and handed out cans of insect repellent to...

/ August 3, 2016

General Mills Flour Recall: What You Need to Know

The most basic of baking ingredients, flour, is at the center of a complicated question: How did it become contaminated with bacteria normally found in animal feces? The E. coli-tainted flour from General Mills has sickened 46 people in 21...

/ August 1, 2016

90% of Strokes Can be Prevented, New Study Finds

Nine out of every 10 strokes has a modifiable risk factor, including hypertension, a new study suggests. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States, where about 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke each year, according to...

/ July 20, 2016

Skin Cancer Risk for Redheads Equal to 21 Years in the Sun

Having genes that give you red hair, pale skin, and freckles increases your risk of developing skin cancer as much as an extra 21 years’ exposure to the sun, researchers said on Tuesday. Their study found gene variants that produce...

/ July 13, 2016