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[GRAPHIC CONTENT] At Least 73 Dead in French Terror Attack

At least 73 are confirmed dead with 100 more injured after a horrific act of terror on the streets of Nice, France.

Shortly after the conclusion of a Bastille Day fireworks display, a man driving a truck plowed through a crowded boardwalk, swerving into as many pedestrians as possible, accelerating with each victim he hit.

At first it was unclear as to whether it was a drunk driver or someone who had lost control of the vehicle. But eyewitness reports confirm the driver exited the truck and opened fire on the crowds before eventually being shot dead.


Top terror analysts have little doubt that it was a coordinated assault, with clear intent, for which ISIS will likely take responsibility. There is, however, the possibility of a lone-wolf attack scenario, however it is unlikely.

ISIS leaders have previously called for followers without access to guns and heavy artillery to use trucks to take lives.

The attack also falls of Bastille Day, France’s Independence Day.

Donald Trump weighed in on Twitter shortly after news of the attacks broke:

In the meantime, Mr. Trump has confirmed he will be delaying the announcement of his Vice Presidential running mate.

More on these tragic events as the situation develops.

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8 replies on “[GRAPHIC CONTENT] At Least 73 Dead in French Terror Attack”

If Obammy and the Democrats continue to let Muslim refugees come into the United States we can certainly look forward to these types of attacks in the United States. Also, this just shows the stupidity of Democrats who think that gun control is the answer. The terrorists are now using knives and vehicles to murder innocents.

OH NO ; OBAMA will be in France tomorrow wanting MORE GUN CONTROL; the dumbass just does not want to come out as a muslim terrorist himself.

Don’t we already know who the enemy is by now? Round them up, send them to one location with their own kind, own religion, starve them, and let the descend into hell.

I’m with Melody. Round the enemy up. Surely we know them by now, and
bomb them all out…for the betterment of the world.

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