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Giuliani: Hillary “Thought She Was President”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday declared that Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI during its investigation into her handling of classified materials through a private email server.

Suggesting that the former secretary of state’s explanation that she did not know that the “C” on an email chain denoted “confidential” was far-fetched, he remarked that he has read many documents with the “C” marking.

“She said she thought it had to do with alphabetical order. But the FBI didn’t go and ask her, ‘was there an A, a B, a D, an E, an F?’ How come she just saw a C? So now if you can’t figure out that ‘C’ doesn’t mean confidential and you’re the secretary of state, you’re either stupid or you’re lying. I don’t think she’s the first,” Giuliani said. “I don’t think she’s stupid.”

Clinton, Giuliani continued, does not have the right to decide what is and what is not classified information, after a co-host remarked that “it was just semantics” for the former secretary of state.

“The only person who can declassify is the president of the United States. Now maybe she thought she was the president. Maybe she was having some kind of illusion,” Giuliani said, before adding, I don’t think she was having an illusion. I think she is doing something called lying which violates 18 United States Code 1001.”

After the release of the FBI’s interview and investigation documents last Friday, Giuliani released a statement through the Trump campaign in which he made a similar statement but stopped short of making the assessment.

“Either she was the dumbest Secretary of State in American history or a bald-faced liar. If it’s the former, there is a serious question she may get the nuclear codes confused if she were ever President,” Giuliani said in the statement.

“If it’s the latter she should be prosecuted for the same crime as Martha Stewart by making a false statement to the FBI in violation of 18 U.S. Code section 1001.”

Source: Politico

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2 replies on “Giuliani: Hillary “Thought She Was President””

All I can say is that mayor Jiuliani is right on. Hillary Clinton is obviously sick, morally and physically. I will further say, individuals who can not see that and end up voting for her are just as impaired; they are selling out on the notion of novelty, i.e., the first woman president, etc. That is precisely what happened when the same uninformed liberal groups voted for Obama. And we know how that turned out.
I believe, somehow there should be a reawakening of conscious, an unaffected conscious with a goal of true objectivity defining what has occurred to our nation since Obama. Once that is delineated, those very people will be able to easier decide whether they want Hillary to continue Obama-style presidency that has run the country down to the ground or give Trump a chance to turn things around. Don’t you insiders love to see secure borders, legal immigration, end to ISIS, strong military, improved economy and better jobs for the less fortunate, better health care, more equitable global negotiation, cancelling the God awful nuclear deal with Iran, better relationship with our allies, especially Israel and whole host of other things totally ignored by this corrupt government?

You are exactly correct! Obama’s step-by-step destruction of our Republic is right out of Alinsky’s ” Rules for Radicals”–the Communist handbook which he dedicated to Satan! The grand plan began long before Obama, but has the same ultimate goal. First, destroy the family. Second, remove God from schools and then from our general society. Once atheism takes hold, it is then an easy slope to re-education of the masses into embracing a communist dictatorship! Immorality and chaos are the immediate results, along with the pitting of race against race. Just dumb down the masses, give them a few crumbs of the “pie” in exchange for their illiterate votes, and you are “off and running”!
How about it, all of you supporters of Obama and Hillery? Cast your votes for Satan and reap his rewards!

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