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[BREAKING] More Than 1,000 Clinton Emails LEAKED Online

WikiLeaks has released 1,258 of Hillary Clinton’s emails in relation to the Iraq war, preceding the British Chilcot report on the conflict set to be released later this week.

WikiLeaks tweeted a link to their email archive from their official Twitter page today. Wikileaks appears to have a substantial amount of information on Clinton, having already released a large archive of Clinton’s emails earlier in the year.

Released only a week after Bill Clinton’s meeting with Attorney General, Loretta Lynch and a day after Huma Abedin’s admission that Hillary Clinton had burned daily schedules, the contents of Hillary’s released emails, containing multiple interactions between Clinton and multiple white house officials, could be extremely damaging to Clinton’s current presidential campaign.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has previously stated that he has multiple leaks in store for Clinton and, as a free speech fundamentalist, believes that a Clinton presidency could be damaging.

“Of course, when she is in power…she is a problem for freedom of speech. We know what she is going to do. She made the chart for the destruction of Libya—she was involved in the process of taking the Libyan armory and sending it to Syria” said Assange in a video posted to YouTube.

With considerable criticism of Hillary’s work as Secretary of State and her recent comments expressing her regret at voting for the Iraq war, these leaked emails could be a source of insight into the presumptive Democratic nominee’s approach to foreign policy.

Source: Breitbart

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17 replies on “[BREAKING] More Than 1,000 Clinton Emails LEAKED Online”

This corrupt murderer needs stopped…another Clinton Curse as they put it has another mysterious death. A person interviewed on Clinton emails is dead.. I have no doubt who ordered it…who will be next.

Gay–I do not believe that she CAN be stopped!! Our rulers the Bilderburgs promised her the Presidency in 2008 if she would drop out of the race against Obama, which she did the NEXT DAY. Bilderburgs have put our Presidents in office for a long, long time now!!

Julian Assange should be granted a pardon and brought before congress to tell all he knows about what was leaked to other countries by Hillery Clinton’s private server and other info leaked by other US officials. This would proove that she is not fit to be Pres of USA.

Well Cuz, Assange said he has about 20-30k mails of Hillary’s in his possession, that came from Guciffer II. He said he would release them, if Hillary would stay in the race. As long as he isn’t releasing classified or TOP Secret information, I don’t think he can be held criminally responsible. He could probably get immunity like Guciffer did and back up the emails, that he helped give authorities. That shows that there is more than one source, that has downloaded this information. The Russians say they have the same information and will release their’s. If the Russians gained useful information from the emails, Hillary is guilty of espionage and treason.

It is going to be hard for her to duck these charges, without destroying her campaign. It won’t matter that much if Obama tries to pardon her or not. This may be playing into Obama’s hands to either run for another term or put Biden and or Kerry as the nominee. He could have stopped this, but has kept the email scandal alive with leaks from the State Department and has allowed the FBI to continue the investigation. It is like he wants her to run, but wants to control everything she does. If she doesn’t cooperate, he lets the hammer fall where it may.

You know that legally Obama can’t serve another term.
This is why he has his illegal immigrant muslim army, he intends to declare martial law.
When he does, America will become another chit hole muslim war.

Yes I feel that Clinton is the biggest cheat their is along with her husband, (rapist)
I hope the FBI will sent Hillary and Bill

What did this woman do all day, munch Amadin’s carpet while e-mailing? How can anyone make 30,000 e-mails let alone just delete them?

This is just the tip of the Iceberg on the Clinton’s corrupt and deviuos ways that they have put this country in danger, Her presidency will finish the job. If you want to find out how self serving and corrupt they are, read Clinton Cash, the novel. It tells all the sorfif tales of how they lined their pockets. Names, dates, places and amount all tell the tale of two of the most corrupt U.S officials we have ever had.

I wasn’t going to vote in this coming presidential election, but, today changed my mind. Anyone who votes for HRC, has less brains, than those brain dead fools who voted for Obama.

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