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[BREAKING] Hillary WON’T Be Charged in Email Scandal

Though FBI found that Hillary Clinton and her staff were “extremely careless” with State Department emails hosted on a private server, no criminal charges will be brought against the former secretary and current presidential candidate.

The FBI found “several thousand” work-related emails that were not turned over to the State Department by Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey said.

“Three of those were classified at the time,” he added.

None of those emails were intentionally deleted to hide information, the FBI director said.

Though Clinton’s lawyers scrubbed the email servers in a way that precluded further forensic examination, the FBI is confident “there was no intentional misconduct” by them, Comey said.

While the FBI thinks that Clinton and her associates did not deliberately mishandle the emails, “there is evidence that they were extremely careless” in handling highly classified information, Comey said.

“None of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system,” he said, and the fact that they were hosted on a private server, without adequate technical support and protection, was even worse.

The FBI “did not find direct evidence that Clinton’s personal email domain was hacked successfully.”

However, the actors who could have hacked it successfully would have left no trace, the director noted. Given that, “it is possible that hostile actors gained access.” (Editor’s Note: We told you yesterday that WikiLeaks released more than 1,000 of Clinton’s private emails.)

“No reasonable prosecutor” would bring criminal charges in this case, Comey announced.

The investigation was done “honestly, competently and independently,” with no outside influence, Comey maintained. “Only facts matter. And the FBI found them here in an entirely apolitical and professional way.”

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Source: RT USA

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23 replies on “[BREAKING] Hillary WON’T Be Charged in Email Scandal”

Does this shock anyone? What this proves is we have a corrupt system that will keep getting worse if Killary becomes President. None of us had to hear this from FBI director Comey. We all knew how it would turn out. If anyone thinks we’ve had voter fraud in the past hold onto your seats because this is going to get real down and dirty. I just hope this murderer gets hers! God help us all because it’s sure looking like a very black cloud is hanging over us.

No, I don’t ‘buy’ it. Once again Clinton is given a free pass on her crimes. ANY of us would be locked up until we were too old to do anything.

And now we know why, after her little chat with Bill Clinton on her plane, Loretta Lynch said that she would remain neutral, she would only follow the suggestions of the FBI. Of course she knew exactly what the findings of the FBI would be! She and everybody else!
Is there any agency of the US government left that is not corrupt?

Our Constitution and our laws mean nothing to the people in Washington DC.
As a Marine Corps veteran of Vietnam, and devout Patriot , I have lost all faith in or President, the Fedral Government and all politicians from both parties.
I fear our Representative Republic is doomed. All I can say is God Help us because the United States has lost it’s credibility and it’s Honor.

I wonder how comey got paid off. Was it a threat on his life or was cold hard cash in an off shore account. This sure isn’t the country I grew up in back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. The people then did what was right not like now. How sad this is. America is coming apart at the seams. America RIP.

He could genuinely believe HRC’s a great candidate (look at how well she’s doing in polls) and was ybiased by his rosey opinion of her. It doesn’t always take money to get someone on your side.

Another sell out. Clinton and her husband should be in jail for present and past crimes. As usual they get away with it. Anyone who votes for gets what they deserve

It all began many years ago when the FBI files on potential rivals of Mrs. Clinton disappeared and then showed up in her possession when Mr. Clinton was President. This is how this political party that I once belonged to deals with everything and that is why I left to become Independent. It is called ‘black mail’. We have seen it recently in the Supreme Court, the Senate, the House, the Justice Department, the State Department. The Progressives have one Founding Father that they desire to destroy -James Madison – the one who insisted that ‘Checks and Balances’ be an
integral part of our government to halt an attempt at a Monarch.

I guess the FBI director must be a democrat
Where is the justice, not in Washington. Too much greed. You can see it in the donations the democrats get.

She has something on all of them, dead people don’t talk…kill his wife, kids, pay off with a job, money from the clinton mob account! Lets look at the money laundering at the clinton foundation…get the IRS on this witch!

So, the people in Washington DC are above the law.
The cover each other no matter what law they break.
Sadly, Four Americans died and the criminals get away with murder. America has gone so far from God and we do not have to look far to see it from the top down.
Remember “We will reap what we sew.”

So what has her “extreme carelessness” cost us?

The FBI employs approximately 13,000 special agents. 150 of them have been conducting a criminal investigation of her email set up for almost a year. That’s 1.15% of the FBI dedicated to her investigation. The FBI has an annual budget of about $8.5 billion. 1.15% of that budget is $98 million. So just for starters, that’s $98 million down the hole.

Then there’s the lost opportunity of these diverted FBI resources. FBI Director James Comey reported that they have almost 1000 active terrorist investigations involving ISIS and like minded groups in the US. Without question, these 150 agents diverted to her email scandal could have better spent their time assisting with these investigations. One wonders whether the Orlando massacre could have been stopped if the FBI had more agents on these investigations instead of her email investigation.

And last but not least, there’s the cost to replace the intelligence network that she compromised. One must assume that if the Romanian hacker Guccifer could hack into it, so could the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, ISIS, etc….. It’s been reported that Guccifer actually worked for the Russians. Her server contained information regarding our intelligence sources and methods, including identities of covert agents. Given the risk to their lives, we can’t just wait until they start getting “eliminated with prejudice” to find out how many were exposed. They need to come in from the cold or go in hiding now. Recall the big deal that was made out of Valerie Plame’s “outing” and she wasn’t even a covert agent. Our intelligence network took many years and many billions of taxpayer dollars to build. The replacement cost will be immense and take a long long time. Add on to that the cost of lost opportunity while our intelligence network is shut down. It’s enormous. While Comey said they couldn’t find that her system was hacked, he said it was likely and that they have no way of knowing because these hackers leave no trace.

In spite of all of this, it looks like she’ll pay no price for this catastrophe. Obama previously cleared her of any wrongdoing despite the fact that the FBI was still investigating her. He has to be complicit in this debacle because he had several email exchanges with her and was, therefore, aware of her set up. He did nothing to stop it. In addition to her staff, there have to be so many in his administration who are complicit in this that Comey had no choice but to whitewash it. And soon she’ll be elected our next commander-in-chief.

OJ got off the murder charges due to “jury nullification” but Ron Goldman’s parents were able to sue him in civil court and take most of his remaining assets. Her convenience has cost us dearly. Is she going to reimburse us taxpayers for any of this?

Look at what happen to poor General Petraeus with a relatively ‘minor’ infraction of security compared to Hilary’s, and he was thrown to the wolves. I just don’t understand why Democrates can’t see the problem with their party/media bias and the harm they have done and are doing to our country. We need help and I think Trump is the only one that can shake up our government.

Why is anyone surprised. She along with every other kiss ass crooked politician in Washington is corrupt. Hillary us the worst of them all. God help us in this coming election. What Hillary can’t bribe, she’ll have killed.

Since when does the FBI interpret the rule of law, and say when someone is not liable, guilty, or accountable! There is evidence…take the witch to court….we the people, demand it…judged by the people…not to corrupt, inept, friends of government elitist! The FBI failed in their duties! Those emals were deleted while she was a civilian, not sec. of state…so how is this not a tampering with “government” property!

The FBI said no charges were going to be filed, but they did say she was GUILTY…and with hackers, does this not set the witch up for blackmail with the emails that are missing? Either the witch pays now, or later…but she is going to get it returned to her in spades.

Impeach Hillary Clinton.
Her emails did not need to be hacked, anyone with her password could enter, read & leave without anyone else knowing about it.
Stop being democrats for once and be Americans and do the right thing.

Since when did “intent” determine a violation of the law? When a drunk kills someone they don’t even know in a car accident, they have no intent but they still go to jail. How do you even determine intent? We know she was accepting money from foreign governments so isn’t it likely that some of those deleted emails were intentionally deleted to cover a ‘quid pro quo’ message? Trump is right – the fix was in! The FBI is no longer better than the IRS, EPA or any other bureau. Most federal agencies should not even exist according to our constitution. God help this corrupt city on a hill!

This is a total B.S. Those in Government feel They are above the law. This again show you the Government is just corrupt people running it. Wealthy People having their way. This show how bad we need Term Limit in Government. The Wealthy People took out Term Limit in Government so they could Stay in there for life. Government wasn;t mint to be a life time job.

daveveselenak • a few seconds ago

The “Re-PUNK-licans” are a treacherous bunch of limp-wristed, chicken-sh^t bastards that are knowingly aiding and abetting the Muslim-Marxist jihadist who is overtly and successfully making “US” his caliphate! They say freedom doesn’t come free, guess what, an installment payment is past due: REVOLUTION will be the SOLLUTION to the TYRANNY at hand; not to believe this is to be a fool, an enslaved fool at that! States must start forming militias – as our trampled on constitution permits – to send a message to “Moscow West” that we have had enough! They must start fearing “US” = FREEDOM than what we have had for far too long which is us fearing them = TYRANNY! “Home of the brave” my ass, we have become “home of the ‘FRAID”! Arm=================================?, you will be needing them – guaranteed!

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