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Bernie Sanders Gets a (Suspicious) Book Deal

Bernie Sanders supporters shouldn’t feel so bad.

Thomas Dunne Books told the Associated Press on Thursday it will publish a Sanders tome titled “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.” It will be released the week after the election, on November 15.

“Bernie Sanders quickly became the leader of the progressive movement within the Democratic Party,” Dunne said in a statement. “Garnering over 13 million votes, winning 23 primaries and caucuses, and receiving more than 7 million individual donations to his cause, he energized the party as he fought for the average American with unrelenting energy and passion. (The book) will be an inside account of this extraordinary campaign, and will also provide a blueprint for future political action. Its message: the fight has just begun.”

Dunne did not mention if Sanders will address the endorsement of his rival and supposed nemesis, Hillary Clinton, the darling of Wall Street and the “too big to fail” banks.

It is not clear how Sanders will explain his defeat at the hands of a corrupt DNC or the rationale behind his conversion to establishment party politics after months of ranting against it. The book may attempt to justify abandoning the revolution and minimize his truckling to Clinton.

From The Washington Times:

Books on presidential campaigns are an established publishing genre, but it’s unusual for a candidate to reach a deal so soon after the race and to have the book come out soon after the election. Financial details weren’t disclosed and the publisher didn’t immediately say who initiated the idea for the book, how long it’s been planned, whether Sanders will have a co-writer or whether he’s begun working on a manuscript.

The book could well offer a critical take on Clinton, as Sanders often challenged her on her ties to Wall Street and questioned her willingness to take on wealthy special interests. It’s not uncommon for copies of a book to leak a week or more before the release date, raising the possibility that any negative comments on Clinton could be seen before Election Day.

This is unlikely considering his fawning endorsement and insistence that Donald Trump and the outsiders must be defeated in November.

More likely, the book will be tailored to assuage the hurt feelings and betrayal of loyal supporters and activists. It will also undoubtedly offer convoluted reasoning for his decision to back a woman who represents everything he supposedly stood against.

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