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Winter Storms Leave 19 Dead

[VIDEO] Winter Storms Leave 19 Dead

Chuck Stafford was watching the Atlanta Falcons rout the Green Bay Packers for the NFC title when bad weather suddenly began to pound his mobile home in southern Georgia. Stafford, 74, had just gone to the bathroom during Sunday’s football...

/ January 25, 2017
School Removes Student’s Teeth Without Mother’s Permission

[VIDEO] Mother OUTRAGED! This School Crossed the Line

A mother is outraged after her third grader came home from school with three of his teeth missing. She says his elementary school performed a dental procedure she never knew about. A Baltimore City mom is looking for answers: Why...

/ January 24, 2017
Lawyers: Police Made Wrongful Arrests on Inauguration Day

Lawyers: Police Made Wrongful Arrests on Inauguration Day

Some innocent observers, including two journalists, were improperly swept up in a group of 230 people arrested after self-described anti-capitalists began breaking windows in Washington on Inauguration Day, lawyers said. The group was charged Saturday with felony rioting, punishable by...

/ January 24, 2017
Miracle in Italy as Survivors Pulled From Avalanche

[VIDEO] Miracle in Italy as Survivors Pulled From Avalanche

After two days huddled in freezing cold, tons of snow surrounding them in the wreckage of the avalanche-demolished hotel, survivors greeted their rescuers Friday as “angels.” Among the 10 people pulled out alive was a plucky 6-year-old who just wanted...

/ January 21, 2017

2017 Presidential Inauguration LIVE

US President-elect Donald Trump is set to be sworn into office at the 2017 inauguration ceremony, officially becoming America’s 45th president.  

/ January 20, 2017
New York Lawsuits Link Social Media to Terror Attacks

New York Lawsuits Link Social Media to Terror Attacks

The families of victims of terror attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Israel are blaming social media companies including Facebook and Twitter for facilitating communications among terrorists. Twitter says it has suspended hundreds of thousands of user accounts in the past...

/ January 20, 2017
trump inauguration 2017

How Trump Changed the Presidency Before His First Day

Donald Trump enters the White House on Friday just as he entered the race for president: defiant, unfiltered, unbound by tradition, and utterly confident in his chosen course. In the 10 weeks since his surprise election as the nation’s 45th...

/ January 19, 2017

Israel’s Netanyahu Facing Corruption Allegations

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu might be upbeat these days: The economy is growing, his opposition is weak and the incoming Trump administration seems friendly, even to the much-maligned Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Instead, the long-serving leader is mired in...

/ January 19, 2017
IRS Health Insurance Fine

IRS Letters Warn Millions of Health Insurance Penalty

If you haven’t signed up for health insurance, you may soon be getting a not-too-subtle nudge from the taxman. The IRS is sending personalized letters to millions of taxpayers who might be uninsured, reminding them that they could be on...

/ January 18, 2017
Supreme Court

Supreme Court to Limit Workers’ Right to Sue Employers

The Supreme Court said Friday it will decide whether employers can require workers to sign arbitration agreements that prevent them from pursuing group claims in court. The justices agreed to consider an issue affecting millions of workers who have signed...

/ January 17, 2017