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Another Shootout in Las Vegas Claims Two Lives

las vega shootingAs we all know it, Las Vegas drama never ends. Crime has become a culture and this time; it wasn’t only about drug lords or gamblers. Two innocent kids and their parents got the taste of how it feels living in the city. Just a few days ago there was a fatal shooting that left two students injured followed by an overnight shooting that left one dead. It happened again this Thursday and as if the criminals were trying to make a statement, two kids sustained serious injuries. Like that wasn’t enough, they lost their parents in it.

According to reliable sources, it all unfolded very early Thursday morning just outside the Kids Campus Learning centre located in North Las Vegas. The police dug deeper to find out what actually happened at the scene by asking those who heard the shots as well as the witnesses but couldn’t get a clear picture of what actually took place.

‘It was like the father of the two kids had just arrived at the daycare just a few minutes after the mother dropped their children. This is when the people who were nearby heard the gunshots’’, Said one police who was still trying to figure out what happened.

According to witnesses and the people who were nearby when the shooting took place, it didn’t take long for the police officers to arrive. But it was too late for the two parents; a female aged 27 years and a male aged 40 years old. It was quite clear and as confirmed by the department that they died from gunshot wounds.

It was also confirmed that the two children who were wounded when it all happened had the ages of three and four. According to the police, the kids were brought to a hospital, and as it came out, the wounds were not life-threatening at it appeared at first. However, the police didn’t identify the dead parents who died at the scene nor the injured and orphaned kids.

It isn’t also clear whether the criminals were targeting the parents or they had their own issues. This is the first time it happens near Kids Campus Learning centre, and it is quite unclear why. But it is agreeable that such things can happen anywhere in Las Vegas, and this wasn’t a special case. Meanwhile, the local police are still looking for any clues that might lead them to capture the criminals.

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