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Amy Schumer Will Still Take Photos With ”Nice People”

Amy Schumer found herself in a sudden state of affairs this weekend once a person approached her once she was walking down the road in Greenville, South Carolina.

According to the comedian, the unidentified man needed an image however was ultimately a little a lot of aggressive than traditional.

“This guy ahead of his family simply ran up next to me afraid the s–t out of me. place a camera in my face,” she explained on Instagram Saturday morning with a photograph of the daddy in question. “I wished him to avoid and he said ‘no it’s America and that we bought you.’ This was ahead of his daughter. i used to be saying stop and no. nice message to your child.”

Amy added, “Yes illegally you’re allowed to require an image of me. however, i used to be asking you to prevent and saying no. I will be able to not take image with individuals any longer and it’s due to this dude in Greenville.”

While some followers of the within Amy Schumer star might are upset to be told that the beloved comedian was not attending to take photos with fans, the bulk appeared corroborative on social media.

And before any fan might get too upset, Amy explained the kind of strangers she prefers to move with.

“Thanks for the type words and support,” she wrote in a single post on social media. “I will take photos with nice individuals after I value more highly to if it is an experience for that. however, I do not owe you something. so do not take if I say no.”

Eventually, the actress had her day turned around once she was able to spend quality time with a horse future within the afternoon.

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